Chedworth Society Subscriptions

The Society collects subscriptions in the January of each year, for membership to run from February 1st to January 31st of the year following. This coincides with our financial year, and helps to make the booking keeping a little easier for our Treasurer.

Individual Membership is £4.00 per year

Household Membership is £5.00 per year

It would be great it if you could set up a standing order with your bank. This helps to improve our income and just makes it easier all round. Plus, you won’t get reminder emails, accosted in the pub and approached at our events for money! As with PayPal, there is a transaction cost of about 50p, so a contribution towards this cost is much appreciated.

Our bank details are as follows: NatWest sort code 60-03-27, account number 78137284, The Chedworth Society

We can also accept cheques and online direct transfers into the account. If you would like to post your subscription, please send it to Whitegates, Cheap Street, Chedworth, GL54 4AA

Or to pay with PayPal please choose a link below

Individual Membership £4.00
Household Membership £5.00