Well at Ashwell Lodge

Text and photographs kindly supplied by Tony and Mo Floyd – Owners)

Information gained from Tony’s relatives who lived at Pinkwell and visited their grandmother each day at Ashwell Lodge where she lived, (1880’s onwards).

Ashwell reputed to have gained its name from the well and the surrounding ash trees. The well served the Lodge and the two adjacent cottages, now converted into Ashwell Cottage.

(Tony’s mother was born in one of these cottages in 1913 – she celebrated her 90th birthday in January. Her mother, Tony’s grandmother, had moved into the cottage on the occasion of her marriage to live next door to her grandmother residing at the Lodge)

In March 1984 work started on an extension to the Lodge, planned and executed by John Marsh of Chedworth. We knew of the existence of the well but no definite location. Tony’s ‘old’ relatives could not agree on its exact position! Tricks of memory from childhood!!

During the digging of the foundations the well was discovered less than two feet from the wall. It was covered with wooden planks and a large wheel in filled with concrete, then the gravels for the drive! The wheel now stands outside the Lodge and was recognised by the family as coming from farm machinery from Ballinger’s Farm

The builders (Doug Frape, a well known local builder) were amazed at the depth of the well claiming it to be one of the deepest in Gloucestershire. A 60 metre rope was lowered into the well with none left over!!

Because of its close proximity to the extension, the well had to be covered according to building regulations. It was not allowed to be exposed to view.

discovery of the well
The discovery of the well. Doug Frape (2nd left) and builders with
Tony holding the wheel.

The rope measuring the depth. Note the planks which covered the well.
wellLooking down the well. Note cut stone at the top then natural limestone.