Schedule of Tasks

A schedule of the tasks falling to the Chedworth Society is set out below.  The schedule has been prepared to help inform the Executive Committee decide upon appropriate levels of commitment and order of priority.  Following a revision of this Schedule at the 5th September 2016 committee meeting, lead responsibility will continue to be identified over the coming months, subject to agreement of order of priority and volunteer availability.

The Chedworth Society Development Plan

Ref. Scope Category Task Status Comments Lead Priority
1 National Social Planning Introduction of Localism Bill Plan Particular support provided by Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC)  though consultation groups 3
2 National Social Planning Development of  Big Society Concept Plan Development has suffered from some stall, but concept likely to impact upon funding and levels of support to community initiatives.  The concept may eventually emerge somewhat changed from that proposed initially. 3
3 National Social Planning Big Community Offer Plan Linked in some ways to Ser Nos 1-2, the ‘BC Offer’ facilitates, inter alia, community initiatives to provide a service locally or apply for community grants.  The Offer embraces highways and wider environmental services. JH 3
4 District Community Development Cotswold Parish Network Member Essentially, the Network provides a forum for parishes and interest groups to share mutual ideas and experiences.  Facilitated by GRCC. 3
5 District Community Action Local Development Framework (LDF) CDC Consultee CDC in process of producing new LDF.  Society now registered as CDC consultee. JH 3
6 Parish Society Project Parish Council Liaison Ongoing Need to have full understanding of issues affecting community though involvement with parish council process.  Current representation facilitated by John King as Parish Councillor IM, MH 1
7 Parish Society Project Village Archivist role Pending Role now able to develop, following retention of storage facilities at Village Hall.  Need to define scope of task and confirm individuals involved. IM 2
8 Parish Community Action Village Design Statement Possible shared task Identified as possible action within 2008 Parish Plan.  Likely that Society would need to promote project.  Should involve all sections of community. IM 3
9 Parish Society Project Recruit full committee membership Ongoing Need for full complement  to meet commitments and for succession planning MH 1
10 Parish Society Project Society Handout Produce The current handout is outdated DW 1
11 Parish Society Project Roman Villa liaison Ongoing Gradual strengthening of links. 3
12 Parish Community Development Parish Development Provide comment To CDC by Society Planning Sub-Committee. JH/DW 1
13 Parish Society Project Social Events Ongoing Including Annual Supper 2
14 Parish Community Organisation Grants Committee  Member New The Society and thus community would benefit from the appointment of a Grants Committee member who could build up a knowledge and expertise in this particular area. 5
15 Parish Society Project ‘The Chedworth Story’ – Marketing Ongoing Stocks are low, reorder, no sign of an updated version with corrections IM 5
16 Parish Society Project Village Hall Management Committee Representative Involvement stems from inclusion of Village organisations as committee members within Hall’s Governing Document 3
17 Parish Society Project Events/Visits/Outings Ongoing Need to identify co-ordinator/organiser. ?New Year supper, email members to find out if it would be well supported, speaker? MA, DW 3
18 Parish Society Project Talks Ongoing MA 3
19 Parish Society Project Membership recruitment Ongoing DW, IM 1
20 Parish Society Project Web site improvements Ongoing Update web site with Planning Page, communicate the existence of the new page DW 1
21 Parish Society Project Communications plan Ongoing Newsletter, web, membership drive and other society initiatives DW 1