Notes on the ownership of Jude Amphlett, Pancake Hill, Lower Chedworth

Conveyance 7 Jan 1977

John Lloyd Scotford (Mason) owner of J.A. died 11 March 1976
Gilbert John Peachey (Executor of will) of Waverley, Top Road, Chedworth the Vendor sold the property to Maximilian & Jacqueline Gumpert.
Reference to conveyance of 24 June 1929 between Ernest Fred Cook / Cordelia Harvey and JL Scotford and a deed of exchange 31 Oct 1932 between Frank Louis Foice regarding access to a 5 foot wide pathway and right to take water from a well.

Note: In 1929 Ernest Fred Cook, Farmer, lived at Hill Farm, Chedworth and Cordelia Harvey lived at Silverspring, Chedworth.

Pre-contract enquires indicate that Mr. Dunston responsible for short western boundary.

Deed of Exchange 31 October 1932

Frank Louis Foice Esq and John Lloyd Scotford Mason
Foice to Scotford the red bit
Scotford to Foice the blue bit and £12
Witness Andrew Henry Scotford, bootmaker, Hawkes Lane, Chedworth
Witness Harry Bridges, builder of Chedworth.


21 June 1929 Clement Lovesy Broad (grocer ofChedworth) made deposition that in his 60 years in the parish that EM Broad or her brother or father have been in possession of the property to be sold to J L Scotford (note: previously tenant).

24 June 1929 E.F. Cook and Mrs C Harvey sold cottage and land to Ernest Fred Cook
for £100 – Cook also has access to 5 ft wide pathway (pink) and well.

23 March 1929 Auction at Foss Bridge Hotel – 7 Lots


Lot 1 – Amphlett House and adjoining cottage and outbuildings and well
Lot 2 – Cottage and slated malthouse (253)
Lot 3 – Cottage 1 bedroom (W Bowld tenant)
Cottage 2 bedroom (W Gardner tenant)
Lot 4 – Garden with cottage ruin (258)
Lot 5 – Land – tenant T Harvey (256)
Lot 6 – Land and shed (250 and 252)
Lot 7 – Land (83,263,264,265)

2 July 1929 Hand written letter from Sewell & Rawlings solicitors to John Scotford finalising sale of Lot 2.


Abstract of the title of Frank Louis Foice to Amphlett House -1932
24 June 1929 – Ernest Fred Cook of Hill Farm, Chedworth and Cordelia Harvey wife of Thomas Harvey of Silverspring (Vendors and executors of the will of Mary Broad who died 8 Oct 1928) to Frank Louis Foice (retired clerk) of the Highlands, Priory Street, Cheltenham sold “Amphlett House” with garden and outbuildings thereunto adjoining and the cottage adjoining and belonging to the said dwelling house and all that piece or parcel of land situated near Amphlett House containing 17 perches then in the occupation of William Broad as tenant and two pieces of land with a shed erected numbered 250 and 252 on the OS map for £560.

The remainder of the diocument is mortgage details (C&G)


Abstract of Title

5 June 1882 in his will John Broad left everything to trustees son George Broad (farmer of Foss Bridge, Lower Chedworth) and daughter Elizabeth Mary Broad of the same place spinster and to Haines Edward Hooper (Clerk in Holy Orders). Income for his wife until her demise or marriage etc.
6 November 1884 John Broad died.
3 February 1898 Louisa Elizabeth Broad (wife of John) died.
30 July 1925 George Broad rate collector left his estate to sister Elizabeth Mary Broad of Amphlett House.
20 December 1926 George Broad died. EM Broad sole executrix.
7 Dec 1927 EM Broad made will and appointed cousins EF Cook and C Harvey executors.
8 Oct 1928 EM Broad died.
28 Jan 1929 will proved.

Note 23 March 1929 Auction of Freehold Properties.