2015 – Newsletter

Chedworth Society Autumn newsletter

Dear Members,

Earlier this year it seemed that the Chedworth Society might have to cease to exist. We held an Annual General Meeting in the Village Hall with trepidation. Several committee members had resigned (mainly because they had other commitments) and we had no secretary. A good number of members (about 25) attended the AGM and afterwards Sue Nashe gave an informative talk on Snowshill Manor. Fortunately, the members unanimously decided that the Society fulfilled a useful place in our village and subsequently Dave Whittles came forward as our new secretary.

It was decided at the AGM that the Society could play a useful role as ‘facilitator’ to any initiatives that from time to time were proposed in the village. We have a bank account in place to receive grants and to spend these on village initiatives. Last year’s ‘Chedworth Remembers’ was initiated by the Society.

The scrutiny of planning applications is also a very useful function that we can continue. Our committee was very much involved in getting the Neighbourhood plan off the ground a few years ago. A new initiative has begun this October.

However, we urgently need new people who are willing to serve on the committee. It is not an onerous job. We only meet about 5 times a year.

It was decided that outings were not something that was popular. Other organisations in the village have outings and special meetings.

The Annual Dinner at the end of the year was popular. This year we have decided to not have a dinner, but have a drinks party at the beginning of December. The date will be the 5th of December at Springfield House, Calves Hill (the home of Yvonne Stayt), from 6pm to 8pm. The tickets at £5 will be on sale via Chedworth Society PayPal account, or direct by bank transfer. See below. Please put the date in your diaries now.

The collection of subscription remains a difficulty. The committee decided to offer people the chance to pay by Annual Standing order. Our bank details are as follows:
NatWest sort code 60-03-27, account number 78137284. The minimum subscription is £4 for an individual or £5 per household. Of course feel free to give more! The thorny problem of the waterwheel has caused a lot of enquiries and discussions. We now have two alternatives which we would like the membership to consider:

The thorny problem of the waterwheel has caused a lot of enquiries and discussions. We now have two alternatives which we would like the membership to consider:

  1. Have the waterwheel repaired at a cost of more than £2000? The maintenance over the following years will be costly, mainly because the water is so hard. The tofu accumulates in the channel, which will have to be cleared on a regular basis.
  2. Have the waterwheel removed and let the water form a waterfall, which will connect to the lower water spill that already exists. The cost of removing the waterwheel will be borne by the
    society, but will be considerably less than £2000. The clearing of the channel will still have to be done, but hopefully not as frequently.

It is very important that you let us have your feedback on this problem, because, to quote Edward VIII ‘something must be done’. You can do this via our website or by e-mail to the secretary Please consider all aspects carefully before replying.

Just a final reminder: drinks party at Springfield House on Saturday 5th December 6-8 pm.
Membership subs now due.

Hope to see many of you before not too long.

Yvonne Stayt,